Recreation - Indoor And Outdoor

Indoor and outdoor recreation activities are available to inmates seven days per week. While in recreation, inmates may participate in table games, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, softball and other organized activities.

The jail encompasses two full court basketball courts, a softball diamond, gymnasium and space for soccer. The facility is equipped with single recreation yards for inmates in segregation.


The Commissary exists to benefit the inmate population. All profits from the sale of Commissary items will be used to improve the quality of life for the inmates. The commissary is structured into four levels to reflect an inmate's positive/negative behavior and institutional adjustment. As the inmate progresses through institutional expectations, the inmate can earn the access to additional commissary items and increased spending limits. When an inmate fails to progress through institution expectations, the access to commissary items and spending limits are reduced.

Level 1

Indigent inmates may order commissary one day per week. Items are limited to 2 stamped envelopes, 5 sheets of paper for writing, 1 pencil, a razor, soap, deodorant, and toothpaste. This is referred to as level one commissary.

Level 2

Inmates in single cells may order commissary once per week with a total purchase not to exceed $10.00. Items are confined to hygiene items only. This is referred to as level two commissary.

Level 3

Inmates in medium custody may order commissary one day per week with a total purchase not to exceed $50.00. Products include hygiene and basic snack items. This is referred to as level three commissary.

Level 4

Inmates in minimum custody may order commissary three days per week with no daily limit. The entire commissary is open to minimum custody inmates. This is known as level four commissary.

Religious Service

A part-time Chaplain coordinates religious services and provides counseling to inmates and staff. Religious services are available to the inmate population on a weekly basis. Community volunteers from various religious denominations provide services and support Bible Studies.

Participation in special religious holidays is provided to the inmate population. Examples of these are: Ramadan, Ash Wednesday, Lent Service, Passover and Palm Sunday.

Incentive Programs

The facility has a number of other special events and programs. Inmates who have earned the privilege through good behavior and program adjustment may participate in the inmate choir, art classes and Toastmasters group. The Straight From the Hip program brings youth into the facility to talk to inmates about drug use, street experience or other items which youth may not feel comfortable talking with other individuals.

The facility believes the inmates should be rewarded for positive and appropriate behavior. Deserving inmates receive certificates for participation in programs. Those who excel in such ways as obtaining their G. E. D. have their name placed on a plaque in the facility. Another incentive for an inmate is the Student of the Week award which is earned when an inmate excels in his program assignment. When a living unit excels in maintaining a high level of sanitation in their housing, the group is provided an incentive award.

The facility also believes that negative behavior must be dealt with firmly and an infraction of rules is handled through the discipline hearings process.