Peumansend Creek Industries


Effective the end of March 2017, PCI ceased operations.

About Industries – as it was
Peumansend Creek Regional Jail operates a jail industry program known as Peumansend Creek Industries (PCI). Peumansend Creek Industries produces products and provides services to federal, state, and local public agencies within the Commonwealth of Virginia. Nonprofit, volunteer lifesaving or first aid crews, rescue squads, fire departments, sheltered workshops, community service organizations and school systems may also purchase products and services.

PCI provides qualifying inmates an opportunity to work in a work setting replicating private industry. The mission is to provide inmates with a realistic work experience in a trade type environment, which stresses the same types of performance standards and rewards, used for workers in the outside world. The industries are self-supporting, generating sufficient revenues from the sale of products and services to meet the costs of operation, i.e., staff and inmate wages, raw materials, business costs. This provides the most significant opportunity the jail can offer for inmates to experience real world expectations, satisfactions and failures.

PCI is dedicated to providing an inmate an opportunity to enhance his/her ability to become productive members of the community through participation in a variety of paid work experiences which duplicate the “real world” work environment as much as possible. Among other things, all jail industries focus on teaching inmates work ethics with a concentration on accountability, responsibility, and teamwork. For our customers, we produce quality products at a fair price and provide outstanding customer service.

PCI currently has seven operations using more than 34 inmates on a daily basis. These include embroidery, silk-screening, hygiene kits assembly, printing, shoe resoling, woodworking, and public work crews. In 2004, an agriculture truck farming project, growing mainly potatoes, tomatoes, squash and green beans, for was implemented. The newest industry, started in 2007, produces promotional products for various agencies. Items are typically silk-screened with the agency’s logo, etc.

On January 21, 2001, PCI became the first jail industry program in the nation to be accredited by the American Correctional Association.

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