Inmate Services

General Information
The facility believes the family unit is a critical part of the inmate’s success at the facility as well as his release and re-integration into the community. The inmate is allowed and encouraged to receive approved visitors on the weekend. To encourage visitation and assist the family, the facility has placed a number of toys inside and outside the visitation area for children. While the adults are visiting, the children can play.
The lobby is bright and contains beverage machines, restroom facilities and chairs for resting. The walls contain educational posters and pamphlets for the visitors regarding HIV/AIDS contraction, health issues, etc. We believe in visitor exposure to this information because they are the support people to our inmate population and these are the people to whom the inmate will return.

The Peumansend Creek Regional Jail encourages inmates to maintain ties with their families and friends through non-contact and contact visits. Visiting is scheduled to allow access on a regular basis.

Contact visitation is a privilege provided to those inmates in minimum custody general population who are actively participating in institutional programs, successfully completing work assignments and remain discipline free. Non-contact visitation is provided to inmates confined to single cells or medium custody general population or inmates who have their contact visitation privileges suspended.

Contact visitation privileges allow an inmate to limited touch with his/her visitor, hold a baby, or converse with visitors without electronic filters.

Non-contact visitation allows an inmate to converse over a telephone with visual capability through a lexan window.
Please remember that if you wish to visit an inmate, you must be on the inmate’s visiting list. The privilege to visit may also be denied or terminated at any time to maintain the good order and discipline of the jail.

Visitors are not allowed to give inmates any items.

No personal checks, cashier’s checks, cash or money orders will be accepted.